Monday, December 24, 2012

My Lord What a Morning - an original poem

I went to the Shelter
To volunteer my time,
Then to the soup kitchen
Where there was quite a line.
There are so many people
With such great needs,
It's really incredible
We have so many to feed.
Poor and downtrodden,
Simple and plain
The needy and wandering
With or without shame.
Some dirty, some young
Just the shirt on his back
Made me really wonder
What did these people lack?
Some, like sweet Mary,
Young and unwed,
How did this happen?
Was all that she said.
A poor lowly maiden
Without neighbor or friend
Could have only desired
This new life to end.
But suddenly a voice
From the clouds up above
Gave Mary a deep faith
For a child she would love.
And Joseph, her chosen,
Was sick with despair
Would rather have left her
Without even a care.
But Joseph too heard
A voice from above,
For Mary his betrothed
And a child he would love
The reason God chose her
We'd soon be aware
Is that God came unto us
His love we should share.
We go out into the world.
To seek our dear Lord.
We look every where
To find his reward.
As we look in the stores
And at gatherings this season,
We often forget that
Jesus Christ is the reason.
The words, "unto us,"
Are the clue to this search
That Jesus is not only
Found in a church.
Look for the persecuted,
Those in sorrow or despised.
Christ will appear
Right before your eyes!
For the baby Christ child
Has been born to us all
And to each faithful heart
He issues a call -
"Be ready my servants,
For you know not when
The hour will come,
When I will return again."
 -----December, 2001  SB

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