Saturday, May 25, 2013

Has it really been that long since I posted? 
We have been busy cleaning up and rearranging our Historical Society Museum which will open for the summer in mid-June.  I have so enjoyed having so many helping hands this year.   We rearranged our military section, which brought to focus the reason for Memorial Day.  Please take some time out of your 3-day weekend, from your camping, traveling, cook outs, etc, to remember why Memorial Day exists.  Even if you have not lost a member of your family through serving in our military, there are so many who have given their lives for each of us.  We are grateful!  Let our actions show it.

At the museum, we are doing an inventory of items donated, collectibles and photos. Most of the old photos are not labeled, so finding some that are is pure joy!

Here is a photo that is labeled, and one of these ladies is my husband's grandmother, which was a big surprise because she is not from this town.  This photo is labeled 1904, which I had guessed by their "turn of the century" hats. We wonder about this photo, what are their connections to one another, and were they all dressed up for.....tea?

We found a couple of items we couldn't identify, and that's where two (or three or four) heads are better than one.  Soon we realized we had to keep focused, because it would have been so easy to look through all of the pictures and really take a walk through time.  There'll be time for that in the next step.

We've got a few more days at the museum as we are putting a new display in our feature display case and then we'll have to make the signs.  We have a very small museum, but we're proud of the story it tells to the world.  We have three other museums in our small town, plus two in the next town, so we must work diligently to focus and not overlap.

I see a big red sun staring me in the face, so it's time to get started on my day.  It's been nice chatting with you.  Have you labeled your pictures? However you spend your next few days, have a great weekend! SB

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