Thursday, November 28, 2013

Calm Enjoyment, much needed!

I've really been challenged with finding time these days to do the things I enjoy the most.  My life has taken unexpected turns, though enjoyable they are.  Now I am where I haven't been since I was working: making time for self with rest and relaxation. 

I knew I needed to sit with friends over tea as much as I longed to plan one.  I set the date for Sunday, November 24, the weekend before a big holiday meal and gathering, at least for most people here in the U.S.A. and the wild frenzy of shopping many take part of the day after.  Here's the menu I planned.  The recipes came from Tea Time Magazine or Pinterest.

To plan, I usually start with the seating, and how many I could fit comfortably and conversationally, so I started off inviting six guests.  Two cancellations created two more invitations, with one accepting.  The more I planned, the more I liked the idea of five at my dining table.

My granddaughter, who has become a willing server at age 9, enjoys greeting the guests and taking their coats. She is acquiring a love for the teacups, and serving pieces, as she sets the table.

She serves the plated sandwiches, then sits at a side table, a "sit and sip" table, where we sit in between courses to enjoy a bit of the food and tea ourselves.  It is impossible to sit with friends at tea, and serve it at the same time!

This afternoon tea would be unique in that three of the guests had never been to tea at my house, and possibly had never been to a "tea."  Two of them had been to tea before, who I knew I could count on to be great conversationalists.  They each introduced themselves, and how they've come to be invited to tea.

The favors, are made of recycled cardboard tubes, and filled with a tea stick, candy kisses, and fancy paper clips, and are from my favorite site, Pinterest, Serenitea-sb

It is truly a joy to bring people together who may have never met; who haven't seen one another for a long time; who have things in common that they may not be aware of; and who enjoy sharing some time of calm enjoyment.  Conversations shared crafty past times, like that of Marian who is a tatter.  (Her tatting was featured on this blog in December of 2012).  Sue has just become a grandmother.  Mary's granddaughter was traveling to Dubay; another was looking forward to moving closer to her grandson; and one taught their children. Family connections, generations of stories, and personal survival from accident and disease brought the women together as they shared a cup of tea.

Thank you for sharing tea with me, and coming together to join an afternoon of calm enjoyment!

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