Sunday, June 8, 2014


72 - it's one of my favorite numbers.

72 is a perfect temperature, 72 Farenheit.  After the winter we've had here in Northern Michigan, we've been fearful that spring would never come, and more, that summer would be cold.  Spring has come, as seen in the many blossoms now bursting; summer will be around the corner, now that the ice has melted off the harbor.

72 is a double batch of cookies.  72 cookies is a lot of cookies!

72 was once an ideal age.  If you made it to 72, then you were blessed.  Living to 85 was really, really old.  So 72 was a goal.

72 was an awesome year.  It seems that as soon as your child starts kindergarten at roughly five years old, you start thinking about the year they will graduate.  Mine was 72.  Once you graduate, you think your year is going to fade off in the distant, for me it never has.  It is how I identify myself. It is how I identify other's age compared to my year.  It is how all grads refer to each other.

If I have to choose one of these "72"'s that might be a favorite, it would have to be 72 degrees F.  Here's to a beautiful summer.  Make sure you take time for tea, whether it be on the porch, at the beach, on a picnic, on a cool, rainy day, or while enjoying a beautiful summer afternoon. 

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