Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Tea Time Magazine" by Hoffman Media, LLC

Phylllis Hoffman "Celebrate"

These two magazines give great ideas on food, table scapes, teas to serve for special occasions and those that could accompany your menu, recipes, wonderful photos, education on tea plant growth, history, tea rooms from many different places and cultures, and a personal tea story from a reader.

Like many readers of these magazines, when my next copy arrives in the mail, I set it aside and save it for a special time when I can devote my attention to absorbing the colorful photos, descriptions, stories, menus, recipes and much more. Taking time out for for the latest issue is such a treat whether I am in my favorite chair, with an afghan and a nice hot cup of tea during our Northern Michigan winters; or taking a break in the warm summer sunshine of the back yard.

"Christmas Cottage Cookbook" Volume I

The Christmas Cottage Cookbook Volume I has been a delightful addition to my collection of tea party menus and ideas. I have cooked, baked and served many of the selections and would recommend this book to anyone who likes to make unique foods to serve or gift.

Other tea books I've collected and used through the years are:

Tea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs

"Totally Teatime Cookbook" by Helen Siegel and karen Gillingham, 1995

"An Invitation to Tea"
"The Twelve Teas of Friendship"
"Let's Have a Tea Party"
By Emilie Barnes

"Tea Times Southern Style"
By Rosemary Newman and Sharon Strictland, 2001

"Tea with Friends"
By Elizabeth Knight

"A Cup of Christmas Tea"
By Tom Hegg

"A Memory of Christmas Tea"
By Hegg and Hanson

"Delectables for All Seasons"
By Koch

Check your local public library, where they may also have these on e-books.

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