Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I've never made a fortune,
and I'll never make one now.
But it really doesn't matter
'cause I'm happy anyhow.
As I go along my journey
I've reaped better than I've sowed.
I'm drinking from the saucer,
'cause my cup has overflowed.
I don't have a lot of riches
and sometimes the going's tough.
But while I've got my family to love me
I think I'm rich enough.
I'll just thank God for blessings
That His mercy has bestowed.
I'm drinking from the saucer
'cause my cup has overflowed.
If you give me strength and courage
When the way grows steep and rough,
I'll not ask for other blessings
I'm already blest enough.
May I never be too busy
To help bear another's load.
I'm drinking from the saucer,
'cause my cup has overflowed.
                                                                                                         - Author Unknown
When I was a child, I recall my grandfather drinking from the saucer, literally.  It's how he cooled his coffee before drinking from the cup. All of my grandparents, and parents, too, lived through "sometimes the going's tough," times in their lives.  But through their perseverance and faith, they were "Drinking from the saucer," because they knew their "cup ha(d) overflowed." 

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