Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This is the best explanation I have found about "Giving" or gifting if you'd prefer.  The author was not listed.

"Life is made simply by acts.  I remember once going to a friend and telling him that I was concerned about other friends who came to me to borrow money.  I was in a turmoil between my principles about lending money and wanting to help my friends.  His answer was simple:  "Never lend anything to anyone you wouldn't want to give him in the first place."  That settled it for me.

True giving is free from any obligation that makes giving a loan.  True giving does not ask whether the receiver deserves it. Gifts become debts when not given freely.  Shouldn't our true gifts be given freely, and presented to another in the same way?  Then love will be unburdened with personal claims, and giving and receiving, all that we will ever require, will be ours for the asking."

On my Face Book profile, gifting is something I enjoy doing.  I love sharing what I have with others, especially baked goods.  Who doesn't need a little pick-me-up?  Whether it be a hot meal and cookies for my mother, soup and sandwich for my sister at her office, or scones and tea for a local business person I think needs to be appreciated, sharing what I love with others is something that brings me great joy.  But by far, what brings the best joy is the look on the receiver's face or the thank you and smile I get when someone realizes they are special.

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