Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back from Busy

I know I've been absent - hope you'll forgive me.  I have had this week to "just be" before the big event I've been working on for months. This Sunday, June 30, will be our historical society's annual historic home tour.  We've worked extra hard to add two former businesses, and a garden in addition to three homes.  This is our major fundraiser, which also provides interesting opportunities to share our town's history and the stories with our greater community.

I always remind people that just because we're active with our local historical society, doesn't mean we know all the answers and history facts.  Not knowing is what I love best because it provides a purpose to seek out the answers to the many, many inquiries we get. Being inquisitive helps, too, like when we find a photo that is not labeled or an item that connects to something else we had given up on.

I knew I wasn't following my own advice, "take time for yourself everyday."  I knew I wasn't making time to eat, and eat healthy, in between emails, and phone calls, and trips to the printer, and public service announcements.  I didn't realize it as much as I did this week, when I've had no meetings or appointments on my calendar.  One of the relaxing things I enjoy is making cards, so I started my day out at my craft table this morning.

This is also a time when I am uplifted by listening to Christian radio.

On my way to being rejuvenated, I found the pure enjoyment of sitting inside my front porch.  I could say it's my Three Season Room, but all in all, it's just my front porch.  It faces north, with windows and screens on all three sides, north, east and west.  The last few days of relaxing out there, I've felt a gentle cool breeze, which is so welcome during the recent high humidity and heat we've had.  Two nights ago, I got in a cat nap.   And today during an afternoon break, I heard the loud thunder, and rain hitting the window panes. 

While enjoying my latest issue of  Tea Time Magazine in the porch, I remembered that June is National Iced Tea month, so tomorrow I'm having an impromptu casual afternoon of tea in the porch.  It'll be the calm before the storm, not the weather, but two very busy days.

The thing that I've reacquainted myself with the peace and comfort of relaxing in my front porch, will I want to do anything else?    Stay tuned.........

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