Saturday, June 8, 2013

FOUR SEASONS TEA ROOM - birthday tea with friends

I certainly celebrated my birthday this year - it's a year ending in 9, and holding!  Dinner with family at Red Lobster; lunch and treats with my daughter and 4 grands; lunch at Sweet Water CafĂ© with my crafting friend Suzie; full tea at Four Seasons Tea Room with friends, Wendy (she is my first cousin) and Connie.

The Four Seasons Tea Room, (find it here) is about an hour and half ride or so from home.  It was an cool, overcast rainy day, but later it warmed and the sun came out.  Here are some highlights from our afternoon. 

  How lucky we were to find a parking spot right in front!
As we entered into the tea room, and we were pleasantly surprised with live harp music.
 The Four Seasons Tea Room is located in an historic building, once a pharmacy.  The high ceilings, and colorful walls enhance the atmosphere. 
 There are many teapots and cups on display for visitors to admire.
 I chose Queen Elizabeth tea.
 Opening a birthday gift from Wendy, included the lovely pink Infinity Scarf I am wearing.
 We each chose a different type of tea - black tea, white or green - from the one page menu. If the taste was not to our liking, we had the option to chose another kind.  Each person had their own pot, which held a surprising two plus cups.
It is a practice at this tea room, to offer hats of all types and styles for those who wish to wear them. I chose the white.  Wendy's hat is called a bird cage hat which she put together for herself.  Connie is a Red Hatter, but chose not to wear a hat today.

 Our first course was soup and quiche' or soup and salad.  Next came the three tiered savories and sweets: orange banana cake and scones; tuna and cranberry cream sandwiches; and three delectable sweets. 

 The remaining foods are wrapped in foil in the shape of a swan for us to take along and enjoy later.
 Don't forget to greet Grandma.  She is delighted to welcome you to tea!

Each table is set with old photos under glass, and tea cups ready for you to enjoy special moments.
It had been six years since we were here - we won't wait so long to come back - in fact, we will come every year!
You're really missing out if you don't take time to sit and sip at
the Four Seasons Tea Room, Houghton, Michigan

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Sue! It sure sounds like you had a wonderful one! The Four Seasons Tea Room is always a treat! I called you a couple of weeks ago and left a message. I will try again soon! Enjoy the lovely weather we are having!