Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Baby Boy Celebration - the birth of another Grandmother! Update - He has Arrived!

This is a special day for Breanne.  She will be showered with love and gifts as we gather at her baby shower.  Breanne is the daughter of a friend of mine named Sue.  And since Breanne is having her first baby, my friend will also become "Gramma Sue"  just like me.

Sue asked me to make some tried and true tea foods, since Breanne wanted a tea party setting for her shower. My granddaughter, cousin, and I will be helping to serve today, too. Someone else is bringing scones, so these are the foods I made:  Cheese biscuits that will be served with fruit salad; cream puffs that will be filled with pickle and ham sandwich spread; mock Devonshire cream to be served with the scones; and two types of sandwiches.  I made egg salad on white, and olive cream cheese pinwheels on blue bread.  We have a local bakery that makes the colored Pullman bread, cut lengthwise.

Here is what I wrote for Breanne:

When your mom and I planned the menu,
we had no other idea for the meaning of the
foods, than those that would be tea party favorites,
 and enjoyed by the guests at your baby shower.

As I prepared the foods though,
 this is what came to mind: 
First, you've got to have a menu –
 that's the plan that God has had
from the start for your child.
When making the cream puffs,
I thought about your little bun in the oven;
how the cream puff starts out so tiny and
 with the right temperature and time,
 it grows into something unique –
 that's you're little child.

Next came the cheese biscuits.
 I thought of the many times
you will be snapping photos
of your first little somebody.
 Say “Cheese!”

There are egg salad sandwiches on white bread.
 You never serve fancy sandwiches
with the crust on.
And that's life – it can get kind of “crusty”,
 so as children we are welcomed
into the arms of our parents
who love us and comfort us.

Little blue pinwheel sandwiches.
Your child starts out, a little boy.
 Love him when he is little,
 love him when he is grown.
 You will discover how much your heart
will grow in size when you become a mother.

Tea is far more than a beverage –
it is an experience.
Whether I am alone,
or sharing a moment with a friend,
 or serving a tea party -
it's what happens when you take time out for yourself.
 Don't forget to do this from the start –
 take a moment every day –
you're going to need that to stay you.

May God bless you, Breanne, as you open your heart and arms to a precious little boy.

Best Wishes!

Reed David arrived 5 weeks early, and is progressing well.  Thank you, Lord!


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