Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Heart for Handwork

It was a beautiful fall day, on October 9 - the birds were chirping, chipmunks scurring, and the sound of the waves meeting the shore of Lake Superior would invite any one to be outdoors.  Because the weather could be cold by this time, or could change to pre-winter cold at any moment, we are compelled to make the most of every warm day we are blessed with.

On this day, my friend Vicki brought me to visit with her friend Roberta, who's front windows overlooked this very scene.  What would be so interesting that we would want to pass up this afternoon of sun?  Roberta.  God has certainly blessed Roberta with a creative mind and soul - she has a heart for handwork.

When we arrived, Roberta was beading, working on a necklace from a kit.  Her room spoke to my own creativity: a long arm quilt machine, quilted pieces hung on the wall; painted shells, felted banners, craft books and patterns, and many boxes and organized shelves of an abundance of craft supplies.  Roberta, in her gracious, quiet way, demonstrated the how's  in response to my many questions. I wanted to try it all, even though in my own craft room I had started to limit what I got involved in so I wouldn't have too many UFO's (un finished objects)!


If this was the only room we visited, I would have stood in awe of such a talented soul. We went upstairs where she showed some of her many quilts hanging over the railing, the placemats on the table, and her collections behind glass doors.  I noticed as I was taking in this room of creativity that a spinner's wheel stood in the corner with balls of wool yarn.  For a split second I caught a glimpse of the beautiful view of Lake Superior out of her windows, the birds, chippies, and warm sunny sky - I reeled in my eyes so that I could refocus on Roberta's handwork. For the first time, a beautiful day was a distraction!

From here we went to another room, where more than one sewing machine was set up.  This room was sewing only, except for a laundry area tucked in the corner.  Fabric was stored in folds and piles on shelves, with ideas for projects, and projects in the works here and there.  Roberta showed many quilted wall hangings and table runners that were priced for sale, though I never once felt she was giving us a sales pitch.

We left this room to go into her husband's craft room - no, I guess he didn't call it that - his workshop.  He is an avid collector, writer, and artist, and just as humble as Roberta.  After marveling at the talent in this room, Roberta asked, "Are you ready for some tea?" Vicki has attended the Christmas teas that Roberta hosts, which was the first connection that we made when we met a month prior.

I've been on "overload" from too many things to do, and too few hours to do them in.  But it had been awhile since I was on overload from too much inspiration.  As we sat down to tea, Vicki and Roberta and I shared the cranberry orange scones and saffron tea cake I  had made.  I told Roberta about the tea parties I've held and some of my favorite recipes.  As we relaxed and talked, the next area of her creativity was shared. 

She showed us a loom for making socks, as we talked about learning to tat, and the bag she made using Hardanger embroidery stitches.  Yes, she crochets and knits; and she also sleeps, cooks, and travels.  She's a student and a teacher, telling us that she taught herself to quilt when her children were young because a quilt from her grandmother was wearing out.

As we parted that day, I was reminded that God gives us all gifts and blessings.  It was so nice to meet someone who was using hers.  By the time we reached her garden projects outdoors, I was thinking about my own gifts and blessings, and praying that God would continue to lead me to use them to the fullest. Our parting conversation, Roberta said, "When you're up this way sometime, stop in and we'll just play."

Thank you, Vicki, for bringing me to meet Roberta, and for the "color" tour within her walls.

Roberta, may God continue to bless you as your heart soars into your next handwork project! 

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  1. Such a lovely, thoughtful post. It is inspiring to see others who do many things and don't feel overwhelmed - they just enjoy.