Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Goodbye, Splendor!

Where I live in Northern Michigan, not Northern Lower Michigan, but the Upper Peninsula, it is hard to say goodbye to the warm fall breezes that give way to the cold brisk winds that bring on the snow. This year in particular, it seems that the cold brisk winds and snowflakes have come way too early.   I'm not ready for this, but then maybe I say that with each passing year.  It is time to say goodbye to the splendor that fall brings.
On Tuesday, October 22, one of my cousin's was having surgery.  Though we don't live close to each other, he was still on my mind.  Actually, he was on all of our minds.  So I gathered my first cousins, aunt and my mother together, and had lunch.  We prayed for Bob, enjoyed a light lunch, and great conversation, amidst the snowflakes that blew around outside.
My brown-eyed Susan did not bloom till late this year, so I rescued it the night before from the snow that was forecasted.  It looks so lovely here, but I don't think it does well as a vased, indoor flower.

October 22 seems awfully early to be measuring the white precipitation on the ground, which really had accumulated in my sister's neck of the woods.  There's only one thing that makes the change in weather more tolerable, at least to me.  That is a nice hot cup of comfort - tea!

Here's the menu I chose for our lunch, all of the recipes I found on Pinterest.

French dip crescents (I did not make the au jus)
Butternut Squash salad
Crock pot apple sauce
White grape/peach juice
Tea, Coffee, or water

We certainly enjoyed our afternoon of catching up and sharing some fall foods, and we always part with this age-old message, "Till we meet again."

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