Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tea and Teeth

Yes, you saw that right - tea and teeth.  While sharing my love for all things tea with my dental hygienist/friend (while at my semi-annual dental appointment), she shared some information about the acid in tea and teeth. I hadn't heard this before so I wanted to pass it along to you.  If any of you know more about this, please share back.

When your teacup is empty, there is often a brown color left.  That is the acid from the tea (black tea).  Acid from tea doesn't affect the surface of our teeth while we are eating along with drinking the tea.  But if we are just drinking tea, the acid remains on the surface of our teeth. After several cups of tea, the surface of our teeth is softened, so that when we brush them, the brushing actually causes more of a problem.

My hygienist suggested that if I am only drinking tea and not eating along with it, I should rinse my mouth out with water when done; and that I should do this some time before I brush my teeth.


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