Monday, December 30, 2013

Just for You, Joanne!

My sister is one of a few new employees in a prominent law office in our town.  She has retired from years of service to the County's juvenile court system, and now works part time as a legal secretary.  Recently she told me that one of the long time legal secretaries was retiring at the end of December (the end of the year).  She wondered if a retirement party would be planned for Joanne.

That gave me a bright idea!  I had invited Joanne to tea on November 24, but a Green Bay Packer game took precedence.  Joanne had asked me to keep her on my teatime invitation list.......I would be doing far more than that ...... I would be bringing the teatime celebration to her and this time, it would be a retirement surprise.

And so I did just that.......

 Pumpkin Scones with spice glaze and Chocolate Chip scones

What a special moment it was!  I packed up the scones and Devonshire cream, and mincemeat tarts, a note about the experience of teatime pleasures, and contact information should anyone like to come to tea.
My sister and I had arranged the best time for me to go to their office, and I arrived carrying armfuls of goodies.  I had planned to set up the food and then lead Joanne into the conference room, but she was already there, taking a break with her new trainee.  "Hi, Joanne.  I've brought the tea party to you, in honor of your retirement," I said.  I set up the food, and looked up to find the entire female staff gathered in the room.  I introduced myself and told them I would be happy to talk with them about coming to tea, or serving tea at their own home. 
As I have said before, I love to share my baked goods with others, especially those that least expect it.   As I was getting ready to leave, Joanne said to me, "This is the nicest things anyone has every done for me."  Happy Retirement, Joanne!

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