Wednesday, May 1, 2013


On a previous post, I noted that I set a place on the side for myself at my tea parties as I am the server.  Here I can sit and "sip" in between courses or pouring tea.  Today, while shopping and out for lunch, I saw a small, hand made cup with the word, "sip" on the side.  It made me smile. 

Just a sip - it's what we might say to little ones when they want to get out of bed to get a drink of water. Just a sip - taking a drink from the garden hose, not the best water. Just a sip - I'm not much for (coffee, wine, or lemonade).  Just a sip - it's all we have time for. 

These are some of the occasions that might fit for Just a sip-ping.  Some understandable, some an excuse.  It is my hope as I reflect on these three words, that when your life gives you a new opportunity, you'll decide to drink the whole cup - to try something new - instead of sticking with Just a sip!        --sb