Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tea in the Porch

It's only been two years that my front porch has been arranged for sitting and relaxing.  It is an extension of the house, accessible through the dining room with screened windows for fresh air.  In the busy moments that seem to be claiming my time this summer, I have found my front porch to be a "get-away" corner to relax and yes, to even close my eyes and nap.

With June being National Iced Tea Month, I didn't want it to go by without celebrating in some way, but I was convinced with my schedule, there wasn't time or energy to plan a tea.  So one day, I decided: there's only three days left to June; I'll invite as many as four friends for an impromptu casual gathering, "Tea in the Porch."  I made iced tea with Teavana's 'Samurai Chai Mate' and served my favorite scone recipe, cranberry orange scones, that I've started keeping unbaked in the freezer for moments just like this.

My crafting friend Suzy, and tea loving friend Sheryl, joined me.  Sheryl needed an escape from garage sale planning, and Suzy didn't really need a reason to get together.  As much as I love searching for seasonal recipes to plan my menu, (and I really love, love, love this), I was pleased to have frozen scones to bake, cream to whip up, store-bought cookies, and iced tea to share in short order.

As I was trying to celebrate National Iced Tea Month, and provide a respite moment for friends, I realized more than ever before that I was finding the respite myself.  In a busy month of more than I wanted activities, with more to come for the week of July 4th, I found the peace I needed, with friends sharing tea.

"Be Prepared," is the Girl Scout phrase that has stuck with me my entire life, and I finally realized that having tea with friends could be special even without all of the detailed preparation and three course menu.  Thank you, friends, for sharing "Tea in the Porch" with me!

I will be joining Tea Time Tuesday's party this week. See you there!