Monday, July 15, 2013

Tea at Two Cottages and Tea

It has been so warm here.  We wait for the summer weather, with our long, drawn out winters, and yet it is so hard to adjust to the humidity and heat. Really, there is no better way to enjoy a hot summer day, than a long overdue visit with my friend,  Nancy at Two Cottages and Tea.

Nancy and I met several years ago when we worked together.  She was part of the nursing staff and I was the receptionist.  Last year we reconnected, and discovered we have many of the same interests and ideas of how to spend our days during retirement:

Setting a lovely table, with beautiful dishes and glassware....

preparing a menu of delectable savories and sweets ........

and sharing collected treasures with family and friends.

Nancy is a talented gardener, and is blessed with space to garden and create many unique areas for enjoyment.
Had the mosquitoes not been so active in the shade today, we would have spent much more time outdoors.


It was a pleasure to meet Nancy's daughter, who shared lunch with us after a climb up Sugar Loaf Mountain, just up the road, overlooking Lake Superior. 

Besides the creative gardens and outdoor spaces, Nancy's knack for decorating with treasured collections and interesting finds create a welcoming, homespun atmosphere.


Though we hadn't shared our dreams and fantasies for tea time adventures in some time, it seemed we were able to continue without nearly skipping a beat. We moved from the tea time lunch table to a cozy couch, where we shared our experience as bloggers. 

I am looking forward to meeting new tea time friends, as I learn to follow and participate in Linkies and Tea Parties. There are so many beautiful photos of our afternoon, but I'll refer you to Two Cottages and Tea for Nancy's selections.  I feel so blessed to have spent such a wonderful afternoon together - I didn't realize it was 88 degrees (F).  May the Lord bless and keep you, Nancy!