Sunday, September 1, 2013

Solo Tea Party

Is it true that August has passed by?  I will not allow myself to think that summer is gone, not yet.  Two weeks ago I felt a bit dismayed that my life had taken up so many activities and commitments, that there was not any time for a summer tea.  I wasn't ready to say, "next year."

Since I wasn't going to have time to hold a summer tea, I decided to bring the tea party to my guests.  I sent out invitations to nine people.  Here's my invitation:

The summer is coming to an end
without time for a Tea, so I'll be
bringing the tea party to you!
Your “Tea (party in a) Bag” which will include
everything except the cup and hot water,
will be available for delivery on Thursday or Friday,

August 29th or 30th; or 
another date that would be better for you.
I'll be waiting to hear from you!

I waited to get a call or email from each of the guests, and then scheduled a delivery of a "solo tea party" bag.  I included everything in my menu with instructions to refrigerate if not eaten immediately.  This is a great way that I have discovered to share my love of baking and making tea time foods with others, especially those I know need a pick-me-up to their day, or that couldn't make it to tea.

Next, I sat down with my Pinterest Board, "Tea Party"; the latest issue of Tea Time Magazine; and Celebrations Magazine , and set to planning a menu.  As I planned the menu, I knew I would have to keep in mind how I was going to package the items for delivery as well as ease of refrigeration.  I've collected many cute and unique containers from  Pier 1, Michael's Craft Store, Jo Ann Fabric and Cost Plus World Market

One of my favorite items is doing the tag which is done on my Cricut Expression.  I print out the full menu, and contact information with an invitation to tea. 

On Thursday and Friday of this past week, I delivered nine "Solo Tea" bags to those I had intended to invite this summer, and one extra to my hair dresser.  Every bag includes an individual serving of everything on the menu; a napkin, two servings of two different teas, and the menu items neatly packaged. 

I really enjoy planning the menu; but then I really enjoy baking and assembling the foods; and I really enjoy creatively packaging the items, but mostly I enjoy the surprise and smiles and "thank you's" I get when people answer the door and accept their bag, and realize someone thinks they're special!  It just warms my heart like a hot cup of tea!