Tuesday, February 4, 2014


When I was a child, I recall my mother's well-used Bible sitting on the table next to her bedside.  The daily devotional booklets were just inside the cover.  Perhaps that is where my maternal grandmother's devotion books and Bible were placed and used, too.  Most of my adult life, you could find my Bible and devotion books in the same place - my bedside table.

In retirement, my sleeping and rising are no longer the same.  I don't go to bed at the same time and I don't rise at the same time, so my daily reading time has changed. I get up when I wake up, and go to my computer to write, and carry out a few responsibilities that I have as an active volunteer. I might fit in a few exercises, then gather my thoughts as I make breakfast, and prepare for my day's activities.   I realized that I was not keeping up with my readings, and have felt I was leaving my faith behind.

Could I find a better place for my Bible and devotional books? They seem to belong next to my bed like my mother's. There is a personal space in reading next to your bed that until now seemed so appropriate.

It definitely was time for a Change of Venue.  Now my Bible now is next to my table on the couch, where I spend winter afternoons or evenings, and summer mornings. Seeing my Bible there is an encouragement to read. It is an encouragement just to see it, a reminder that Jesus is with me in my daily tasks. The new venue for my daily devotional book is on top of the microwave. Yes, on top of the microwave! Reading the daily devotional while I heat my breakfast has worked for me these days, even though it's not where you'd expect to find it.

In this day of technology, where a Bible app is on an iPad, Tablet, Nook, or iPhone, reading daily devotions can be done anywhere, anytime.  So, friends, where ever your venue is, may you be blessed as you read the Word and find Jesus in your daily life.

Photo from Two Cottages and Tea

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