Monday, June 23, 2014


I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Looking through photos, I was reminded of the many guests that have joined me for tea in my home, tea I've enjoyed with friends, and holiday teas.

Remnants of a wonderful afternoon together.....

A birthday tea in the garden of a friend

  Providing time away from the stresses or concerns of everyday life

 a place that is inviting

 meeting new people

Enjoying a tea outdoors

A friend's setting for scones and tea

and sharing conversation about the experience of having tea.



Valentine's Day

Beautiful heirlooms


Favorite tea pots

 Sparkling pear is ready to serve for the occasional guest who does not like tea.

Tea in the porch is summer to me

My friend, Nancy, from Two Cottages and Tea

Two Cottages and Tea - a serene place


A surprise birthday tea

Here are some kind words in a thank you I received, my goal for the experience at my home for tea:

"For most of us, the holiday season has become so hectic, so advertised, so expensive that its almost a relief when its over.  The time I spent in your home at the tea party helped me to remember and enjoy what Christmas really is.  Thank you so very much for inviting me.  I find it difficult to explain how much I enjoyed it!" 

Thank you so very much!

Would you like to come to tea?

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