Thursday, July 24, 2014


In my journey to a better life, with a trainer and exercise at Motions Fitness, I was encouraged to join a class.  So I did.

I was introduced as one of two new members, and everyone welcomed us with warm smiles and open arms. My trainer positioned me in the second row from the front, behind a lady named Donna, who was a very active participant, and one I could follow.  (I'm not coordinated enough to step in time while watching the moves done backwards - in other words, watching the coaches on the stage face me and instruct).

Looking back, I am still amazed that I participated as much as I did.  The idea at Motions is that you don't compare yourself to others, to what you can't do.  You do what you can, you work at doing the best you can, and you keep moving.  There were some moves I couldn't do at all,  but I kept moving.

I was nervous as the memories of participating in line dancing were very vivid to me.  While most of the dancers were in beat and clapping and slapping while moving in sync to the music, there I would be, going the opposite direction.  I told myself to erase this from my mind, and when the very upbeat music started, I didn't have much time to waste daydreaming.  I didn't imagine I'd need the towel because I never sweat; and I didn't bring a water; but someone handed me a water as the class started.

Because this was something new again, I was tempted with the "I don't know if I can do this" mentality, but I was doing it, and I kept doing the moves to the best of my ability, sort of.  It moved along so fast, that there was no time to stand around to talk myself out of it.  Many times my legs hurt and I was so out of breath. A couple of times I wondered, "What the heck did I get myself into?"  Even without doing the floor exercises, I was more confident than expected.  I finished with the rest, quite out of breath, sweating, and exhausted, but I can say, "I did it!" One of the stage trainers came over to me and offered a chair as an option for getting down on my knees to do some of the floor exercises.  Who does that?  No where else, no one has ever offered me that in a group exercise experience!

Then came the verbal approvals - "Susan, you did it!  You did great."  Me?  I did great?  Really? "Come back again on Friday!" I'd have to think about coming back.

Probably one of the most surprising things that I experienced is later that day I didn't feel exhausted or in any way like I had just exercised the most ever in one hour in my entire life!  It felt good.  But then I saw the class picture on the Motions Face Book page.  I guess I'm still more self-conscious in a group.  At least it was a back view of me. And yes, I did share it on my own page, demonstrating that I am stepping beyond my comfort zone again.

Am I going back to the class?  I don't think I'm ready for that yet, at least not at this stage of my program.  I am doing so well in strengthening my hip and trunk muscles with my trainer.   I am really focusing on biking to warm up before our sessions, at home every day, and now by adding the roller for my hip pain at home.  I am trying to remain loyal to my eating plan, and feel if I add just one more thing, at least right now, that I'll lose my focus.

Time will tell.  What I can tell you, is that I am getting stronger, and am no longer saying Farewell.  It is "Hello Susan,  hello me."  Hello - to being what I can be, perhaps what I was meant to be.  Hello!

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