Sunday, August 24, 2014


STRENGTH AND STRIVE is the class I participated in at Motions Fitness, after being a member for three weeks.  I did a post on this earlier called, HELLO TO ME CLASS PARTICIPATION.

At that time I had decided not to go back to the that point. My goal was to get stronger.  And now I have.....gotten stronger. Several times during the weeks that followed, I stood behind the class, watching and thinking that I could accomplish it.  After nearly eight weeks of working out with my trainer for two times a week, I realized as I watched the sets of exercises, that I had done most of them individually.

So on Monday, August 18, I made another attempt to participate in a class, which is included in my membership.  I had said farewell to my fears for the most part, and had met many of the ladies that were in the class, so there really was nothing holding me back.  I found Donna and told her I was "doing it" so she found me a spot right behind her.  The first time in the class I was so dependent on following her, but I found that it wasn't as necessary, though I was glad to have her right in front of me.

Once I couldn't lay on my back on a hard surface, and now I can do that.
Once I couldn't imagine doing even a modified push up, now I can do that.
Once I could barely keep moving to the next set, now I can do that with more energy.
Once I did not believe I was capable, now I know that I am.

I have gained STRENGTH as I have been STRIVING.  I will continue to get stronger.  I will continue to strive.  You never quite reach a point when you can say, "I've made it" and then quit.  You've got to keep staying strong, keep striving to be healthy and fit.  I've realized that.

I've set some new goals, which will include one or two times per week in one or two class(es), and one time a week with my personal trainer.  Funny, I never thought I'd be doing more than just once a week with a trainer!

I'm not addicted.  I'm not hooked.  I just feel better, healthier, happier, and more energized than ever before. You can do this
.  I found hope - you can too.

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