Thursday, August 14, 2014

TIGHT AND SNOTTY - at Motions Fitness

I have been seeing a personal trainer, Lisa, at Motions Fitness. Along with my faith in Jesus Christ, becoming healthier through working with a personal trainer, and the fitness experts at Motions has been one of the most amazing and transformational experiences in my life!

There is a bond between a client and their trainer.  Afterall, you are sharing about your daily life - your triumphs, struggles and frustrations.  The bottom line for me is being painstakingly honest, because this is it!

As we began our session recently, which consists of "sticking" your muscles and tendons starting with the neck and moving down, including arms and legs, Lisa noted that I was particularly tight.  I jokingly commented that no one had ever accused me of being tight!  lol (laugh out loud)

During the course of the workout exercises, I had a few moments of dizziness and when I told Lisa that I thought my seasonal allergies were kicking in, she quipped that she'd noticed a lot more snot these days, and that I just had it inside so that's why I was dizzy.  Another "lol".

There's not usually much time for personal conversation or jokes because we do need to stay focused, but by the end of our session, we had laughed a few times about being tight and snotty.  This is the only time I can remember those two words used together to describe me, and for the first time, about muscles and membranes (not personality traits)!  So go ahead, call me, "Tight and Snotty," and I'll answer!

Here is a motivational quote from one of the staff that really speaks to my situation:

Gary says, "Fitness Tip: It's not the length of time you lived that gives you pain and stiffness but the length of time you started slowing down or stopped moving because of a pain or because someone gave you the notion that you are "old" and that's what is expected. You can turn back the hands of time and begin moving again without pain and with good balance."

Until next time, keep striving!

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