Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Safe and Secure

What makes you feel safe?

I would imagine there are many answers to this question.  Whether you've actually experienced something or someone that's made you feel afraid, or whether you perceive that you are in danger, the need for feeling safe is very real to you.

It's been awhile since I've posted about my journey to being pain free and healthier living. I'm meeting with my personal trainer once a week, instead of twice, and trying to continue exercise at home. But recently, while assessing my progress with my personal trainer, Lisa Mills, I admitted to her that when I am at Motions, I feel safe.  Although that might seem logical or normal to some people, for me, it was very unexpected, as being comfortable exercising in front of others was not something I wanted to do.

So what made me feel comfortable and safe there?

  • From the first day I walked through the door, I was greeted with genuine friendliness - that has not changed, not one time, during the last four and a half months.
  • I feel like I have the right to be there - I feel like this was my place.
  • Everyone is welcome to come for an initial consultation - no exceptions, none!
  • I've known that my personal trainer has had my needs and desires, my abilities and struggles in mind every time we've met together.
  • Sharing with other women in the locker room - every day concerns, successes, and goals with others feels like being at home with family.
  • I know that when I lay on the mat in the active floor space, no one will interrupt my exercise because they aren't being considerate of the needs of others.
There are only a few places in my life where I feel that I can be myself, that I am accepted for who I am, and appreciated and celebrated when I meet my goals and accomplishments.   That is a wonderful feeling, a feeling comfort and safety.  This is another accomplishment I didn't count on in my quest for healthier living.

Now the other side of feeling comfortable and safe, is realizing that the day is coming when I have to step outside of my comfort zone - incorporate my exercise and fitness plan into everyday life.  And that scares me.  So everyday, I am trying to step out of my comfort zone. I'm walking outdoors every chance I get, and plan to walk, whether inside or out, when the weather changes from fall to winter. I've realized, too, that what helps me feel OK about getting out of my comfort zone is the same thing that made me feel safe from the beginning - it's having confidence in what I'm doing, because I know I can do it, and caring about my own needs, concerns and goals just like my trainer did for me.

While my five-month old grandchild was sleeping in my arms today, I thought of how safe and secure she must feel.  I watched her as she was breathing, with little expressions on her face, and slight movements of her fingers.  I was reminded of the feeling of being safe in a nice warm bed during a winter storm; of being home after a rough day; and of course, feeling safe and secure in a place of hard work, goals, changes, and accomplishments.

It is my hope that you have a safe place in your life.  May you know that safety when you need it the most. And when you are feeling insecure and afraid, why not have a cup of Blackberry Sage or Raspberry Rose Tea?  Find a cup or mug, brew some tea, and take a moment to breathe deeply, and enjoy a sip or two of security in cup!

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