Friday, January 10, 2014

National Hot Tea Month Favorites

January is National Hot Tea Month here in the U.S.  It has been extremely cold for longer periods of time than is usual.  Local schools have been cancelled due to the wind chill of -30 degrees F. or more.  Though I don't need a reason, like extreme cold temperatures outdoors, to enjoy a hot cup of tea, I must admit I am drinking more of it these days.

Some of my favorite teas and links to their sites are:

 PG Tips


Tea Forte


Celestial Tea

The Republic of Tea

I have recently enjoyed Red Rose.  Personally, I do not drink herbal teas, but on occasion have brewed them with a light tea or Rooibos tea.

When I am enjoying tea alone in the afternoon, it is important to me that I be sitting, relaxing, taking a break from household chores, sorting the mail, or perhaps reading my newest issue of Tea Time Magazine.  Having a cup of tea is equivalent to taking a break, as I can't imagine gulping down a cup just to have my cup of tea.

Although it is tempting to have sweet treat, I truly enjoy just the cup of hot tea, especially on a cold day.

Each day is a opportunity....a treasure...
Because God is the one who gives us the breath of life...
Places before us a purpose and direction...
Allows us to enjoy the wonder of His presence..
And the fellowship of His love.
-- Roy Lessin

What are your favorite teas?  How do you most enjoy a cup of tea?


Monday, January 6, 2014

Sudden Loss

There are times in our lives when we are stunned by a Sudden Loss, when our heart is aching for a family or friend who is wrought by grief.  This post is dedicated to the friends who have recently lost loved ones.

"When a sudden loss of a love one happens, we are in disbelief;
Next comes so much sorrow and grief.
Only our Lord knows his reasons why -
All we know is shock and then we cry....and cry.....and cry.

But our faith tells us our journey here is short -
We do not understand no matter how we try.

Know that your loved love is happy;
No more pain, illness or worrying what lies beyond.
As God's newest angel, eternal life is ahead.
Their journey on each has come to an end."
                                                 -- Ruth B. 2008