Saturday, May 31, 2014


Today is the last day for me ..... its the last day of this decade...  tomorrow I'll be entering a whole new one. I hadn't planned to make so many comments about it, but I guess I've enjoyed writing about it on my Face Book page as much as anything else I share.  From my collection of greeting cards, I took out some funny ones, especially from my children.  As I read through them and laughed again and again, I realized that its a lot easier to poke fun at someone else, when the joke is about something you've never experienced.  Then I realized that I had become much too serious about this. It's just a number, my older family and friends tell me.

So my advice to myself, and to you, is to lighten up.  Take time to enjoy little things every the baby robins in the nest in the hedge; and the smell of spring.  Take time for sitting and reading. Take time for a cup of tea, a walk, and a visit with an old friend.

On my evening bike ride a couple of days ago, I decided to stop and visit a friend who had lost her husband two months ago.  We had a great time catching up, and when I left her house, I realized...I've got to do more of visiting with friends.

You and I have both heard the sayings, "Time passes too quickly."  "They grow up too fast."  "Live each day to the fullest."  "Never look back"  and more.  These phrases are all about making time to enjoy the special things in your life.  What I enjoy in my life, will not be what you enjoy in your life. Maybe its been too long since you've even thought about "if I ever have to".  

So as I get ready to welcome the next decade, and spend some FUN quality time with family and friends, its time to call this the decade for fun and relaxation, because "They (grandchildren) grow up too fast, so that I want to live each day to the fullest and never look back at what I dreamed of doing but never did."

I'll be thinking of my mom and dad on June 1, and their love for one another.   I'll be thinking of my dad who has gone before us, and my godmother who was another angel in my upbringing.  I'll be thanking God for good health and blessings as I journey through life.

Happy Birthday!  Enjoy it!  Lighten Up!  Blow out every candle!  Make it a good one! --Sue