Saturday, March 28, 2015


I haven't colored eggs for several years.  My grandkids now enjoy doing this at home with their family.  The last time we colored eggs together, I decided to put the remaining dye in the freezer.  Many times I wondered if I would end up throwing it out anyway.

Easy Dotted Easter Eggs!

 But this year I found an inspiring example on Pinterest.  Click here to check out some interesting egg patterns.

Here's what we came up with from this inspiration:

We put an initial sticker on first.  Then using a Sharpie marker, we drew and colored all around the sticker.  We put them in the egg dye, using Valerie's method.  Click here to view Valerie's blog.

Decorating Easter Eggs with Kids
Thank you, Valerie, for this mess-proof method.  Make sure that your dye is deep enough to cover the egg once it is immersed.  We ended up taking the eggs out of the whisk and turning them over.  A couple cracked when doing this, but that didn't deter us.  When the eggs were completely dry we peeled off the sticker, which revealed the letter.

We'll be putting the remaining egg dye in the freezer again for next year, or a rainy day summer project!

Thanks for stopping by.  Take some time to enjoy simple moments in life!

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