Saturday, May 16, 2015


Though I enjoy hosting tea at my home, I took March off, and as much as I enjoyed a break, I really miss all that's involved - choosing the guests, the invitations, the date, the food, the linens, the cups and dishes.  I love it all, and I missed it.  I wasn't ready to end the season.

In April, spring shows its face and though it is slow to come, spring does arrive. Maybe I could host another tea, maybe. Then a lady asked me about the teas I host in my home.  She told me of how she went to England and enjoyed a cream tea.  The look on her face, her smile, just the way she looked when she shared her memory of tea in England, made me realize that she would like to come to tea.  Her comments helped me decide to hold a spring tea. This is for you, Ruth, for new friendships.

Six for tea, minus one meant I could set a place at the table for myself.  I usually eat my lunch before everyone arrives, so that I can focus on welcoming the guests, getting them seated, and pouring the tea as they become acquainted.  My personal trainer has encouraged me to incorporate more healthier choices in my tea party menus, which I have found challenging.

  But since I am now eating entirely different than ever before, not just dieting, I knew it was time to do so.  Besides, one of my guests was a new friend from Motions Fitness, where I spend quality time every week.

My color choice was yellow and blue, and though that represents my Scandinavian heritage, I chose the two because  it was April - sunshine and blue sky - and what we all want so much in the spring.

The recipes I chose come from Tea Time Magazine or from Pinterest, two of my favorite places to search for the latest delectable pairings, both of tea and food.  The salad is the combination of two I found on Pinterest, which incorporated vegetables, fruits, avocado and a marinated chicken.  (Good carbs, healthy fat and protein)

The scones are two of my favorites: Cranberry Orange and Whole Wheat Chocolate Chunk.  I've gotten used to making them in advance, freezing them and baking them fresh the morning of the tea.  Mmmmm! Fresh scones!

One of the guests and I had recently talked about how much we loved minced meat.  So I served my homemade mincemeat in phyllo tarts; teapot sugar cookies, and mascerated strawberries with plain Greek yogurt.  

I've accumulated a variety of lady's hats for my guests to wear at tea.   Wendy is wearing a Fascinator, which she found in her many travels.

Deb has a talent for coordinating her wardrobe with many unique pieces, including hats.

 Marilyn chose a hat that we felt resembled royalty.

 Gloria found a hat that brought out the vibrant purple of her suit.

Bringing together two women who had been to tea at my house previously, and three others who may have never met, was a delightful group!   It seems there is never an end to the need we all have for getting a little dressed up, leaving our worries behind, and visiting with others in a peaceful setting. From the latest good reads, and where we've traveled, to sharing tea time recipes and resources, to voicing our concerns for the disasters of the world, our conversations brought us together, now new friends.

It is always such a pleasure to welcome, serve and share an afternoon with every lady who comes to tea at my home.  Thank you!  

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