Saturday, October 10, 2015


As soon as the leaves start to change to fall hues (which could happen as early as August here in the U.P. of Michigan), a great deal of excitement starts.  Its not that we want summer to end, but all that the autumn season brings is so enjoyable.

We are so blessed to live in an area where the changing of the leaves from green to golden yellow, orange and red is a welcome sight, especially because we know the season to follow can be so long and dreary.  Every year is different, and it seems that there are other sights that make the colored leaves really stand out even more:   the blue sky above, the white birch within the trees of color, the bright sunshine, and the dark pine that proudly stand along side the maples.  The oak tree leaves are not as colorful, and hang on till there is often a lot of snow on the ground, but their brown leathery shades are part of the fall colors, too.

Fall also is the beginning of hosting tea parties for me.  The weather has changed, the days are cooler and shorter, and though we're all trying to enjoy every day outdoors, we're also spending more time indoors.   My list of expected guests is ever growing, so here is the first tea of the fifth season of having tea parties.    When asked why I continue to invite friends and strangers for tea, here are the answers.

  • I like to share my creativity with others - handmade invitations, themed tablescapes, creative take home favors   
  • I enjoy trying new recipes especially from Tea Time Magazine and other places around the web such as my Pinterest boards   
  • I love to serve others

  • #1 reason: I love to create a time when every one can leave the cares of the world behind, meet new people, participate in delightful conversation, and enjoy a respite afternoon while drinking tea and eating delectable foods.
Today's tea was all these reasons, and one more.  Having guests in for tea brings me such a blessing as well - that the people I meet out and about are asking to come to tea, which tells me that I have succeeded in offering an event that ladies want and need.

Once I set the date, I review the notes of people who weren't able to attend last month's tea, the one's that have spoken to and asked to come to tea, others I've met along the way, and always, one or two that have come to tea before. 

Here's the menu I chose:

The recipes for the salad (South by Southwest, with my own variations)
pumpkin scones, 

chocolate oranges

and pumpkin pound cake can be found in my Pinterest Boards: Tea Party and Healthy, and the cloth pumpkins are in the Fall board.  

The Apple Brie scones recipe is in the September issue of Tea Time Magazine.

The tea I served, Peach Rhubarb, and the take home teas are from Tea Forte, one of my favorite tea sources.  

From the moment the first guest arrived, excitement and conversation filled the house.
The "tea time attire" requested was evident with each of the guests - so much beauty.  They found their places around the table, and in no time a buzz of conversation, networking, sharing, laughing and enjoying one another began.

Looking back, I can smile with contentment, knowing I've been able to meet my goals, and again have found blessings in a cup.

Thank you ladies for a delightful afternoon - you have been a blessing to me: Janice, JoAnn, Bonnie, Rosie and Kathy.   

If you or someone you know, would like to come to tea, just leave a comment.  I'd love to meet you and welcome you to my home.  If you are joining me from far away, keep coming back and sharing in my afternoon teas.

Thanks for stopping by, and until we meet again, may you find a small blessing in every day! SB


  1. Thank you so much Susan for such a wonderful afternoon tea. You are such a warm and welcoming hostess. I knew going to this tea that I didn't know any of the other guess. However, I was also excited to go to meet your other friends. I knew from getting to know you these other ladies would be easy to be with and they were! You had everything so special, keep doing what you do, you are adding much happiness to the world. God's Blessing to you.

    1. Thank you for the compliments, Rosie. I am blessed! And look forward to each new experience of serving tea in my home.

    2. Thank you for the compliments, Rosie. I am blessed! And look forward to each new experience of serving tea in my home.