Tuesday, February 16, 2016


You might think this is a post about age. 
Over 85 for some people is their age.
Over 85 might be the amount of weight you have lost.
Over 85 could be the fastest you've dared to drive.
Over 85 could represent the age group of people in your particular group or neighborhood.
Over 85 could be the number of squats you've done in one circuit.
Over 85 could be the amount of people you are related to in your county.
Over 85 might be the amount of money you had to spend that you didn't plan on spending.

Of the possibilities above, two of them relate to me.  But the title of this post, Over 85, means something I'd never thought of until it happened.

If you've read any of my other posts here on SereniTea-sb, you've gotten to know that I enjoy living healthy, finding serenity, being creative, sharing friendship, living my faith in Jesus Christ, and bringing together strangers for an afternoon of tea are all things that describe who I am.  It is impossible for me to single out one of these things that I want to share as "my most favorite," because these activities and values describe me as a whole person.

Over 85 is the number of people that have come to tea at my house over the last four years.  Over 85 refers to individuals that I've invited to sit for tea, starting out as strangers and ending up as tea-loving friends.  When I discovered that Over 85 people have come to tea at my home, I was amazed. And far more than that, I have been truly blessed!

Blessed by each of the Over 85 people that have come into my home for tea.
Blessed to have the energy and attention to detail that is necessary to plan a tea.
Blessed to have storage for teapots, linens and other tea party finery.
Blessed to bring strangers together for one afternoon in time.
Blessed to be asked by strangers to come to tea.
Blessed by the new friendships I've made.
Blessed to learn about new things such as hat making and Hardanger embroidery.
Blessed to taste new teas.
Blessed to share what I've learned.
Blessed to have sisters to pray for.
Blessed to learn from others.
Blessed to give women something they didn't know they longed for.

Over 85 was not a goal, and serving that many people isn't an end.  My plans are to continue serving tea, making space and time for women to experience delectable foods, beautiful linens paired with fine china and share our love for tea and all it entails.  By far, Over 85 will continue to be a blessing - from me to you, and from you to me.

Thank you for being part of Over 85 and please stop by again.   May your day be blessed!


  1. And thank you for inviting me to your lovely tea parties!
    Nancy C.

    1. You are welcome, Nancy. It is always a pleasure to be in your company, and sharing our love for tea finery!

  2. Amazing. The world definitely needs more people like you!

    1. Thank you Kim. I look forward to spending an afternoon enjoying tea and friendship soon.