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Its been five years since I've retired from my job as secretary.  Well, for at least a year before I retired, I was a little over booked with volunteer responsibilities.  And yes, maybe then I was too busy - that's what I told my boss - and that I had run out of reasons why I was late for work. Usually it was because I had started on a project or report before work and forgot to keep an eye on the clock.  That is being too busy.  How fortunate I was that I could retire because I had better things to do. So I did.  Now I'm not too busy, but my days are full.  

I've been thinking about writing a post on this for awhile, but didn't want to sound defensive. I guess the time has come to give my explanation. Although I don't really feel that I have to justify my time to anyone except my husband, here it is IMHO (In my humble opinion.) And maybe if you're one of the people who have thought this about me, this post might encourage you to think differently. 

My daughter and son-in-law have six children, ranging from 7 months old to nearly 12 years old. When others look at their life, they often remark, "she is so busy."

She is busy to you, because you:
Are a single person who has no kids
Are an 84 year old woman, who has been a widow for many years and can't recall being a young mother
Are someone who never drove their kids to sports events or dance practice
Are a grandparent who's kids and grandchildren live out of town
Are a parent, friend, relative or any other adult who isn't involved in anyone else's life than your own

Who thinks I am busy? someone who doesn't:
Give their time to help others; 
Spend time with their grandchildren in their home school, or with them while their siblings or family enjoys time away;
Attend funerals, community functions or worship at different churches.

Busy to me is going to bed because I've had a full day, enjoying life to its fullest. I have been through a spiritual transformation, where God has revealed his plan for my life.  Yes, it happens even at age 61. God does come first with me and how I glorify him and serve him daily.  

I love to travel, shop, sew, do crafts, have tea parties, visit with friends, send greeting cards, decorate my home, garden, crochet prayer shawls, watch TV with my husband and bike ride. I don't do all that in one day, but doing these things makes me happy!  I have the same 7 days and 24 hours to those days as anyone else.  

What do you like to do? Read or knit or quilt? Watch baseball, or take a quiet walk through the woods?  Paint or caregive?  I know some of you have had life-changing circumstances that have caused you to have much more time on your hands than you'd like. There will be time in my life when my daily routine will be much slower, and my attention span will be shorter, and it is then I will likely have slower, longer days.  But I don't want to look back at my life and wonder why I didn't try new things and fill my life with activity.  And someday I might learn that my life will end earlier than I planned. That's why I don't want to have a "I'll do it someday" list because I might not be physically capable of doing anything.  Half the fun, for me, is relaxing and taking time to day dream and plan my next time, lunch, visit with my mother, vacation, baking for my husband, and yes, day off.  Do you have "want to do list"? How about taking time to plan your next fun time!

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