Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Child's Play

Its been a bit since I've written - changes have taken me off course, but now I'm back on track.

A Child's Tea was the farthest thing from my mind, except for my grandchildren having "tea" with the teddy bears.

Serving a three-course tea has always been an event I delight in, until today, that is.   Since December 25, 2016, when my little grandchildren moved away, I have longed for an afternoon of children's voices of laughter and delight, filling my home once again.

On February 12, the longing had past, as two of my friends who are grandmothers, and their two young grandchildren, came for tea.

Having a Child's Tea took much less planning and organizing.

I found I had more pink and red accessories and tea pots than I had used in the past.

 Pinterest is an awesome source for children's valentine games,(click these links) and ideas for refreshments.

And so while the children played with the toys, that sat idle for 6 weeks, Grammy Sue, Gramma Cathy, and I, shared a Cream Tea and friendship over Chocolate Tea with scones and curd.

                                                    Chocolate Chip Whole Wheat Scones
                                                   Cranberry Orange Scones
                                                             Heart and Jam Sandwiches

                                                  Doilies are a must to serve your scones

                    Bubbles in your cup means money.....if you drink them before they disappear!

My little guests, Miss Isabel and Master Reed, strung candy necklaces, played Valentine Bingo and decorated cookies. But by far, they most enjoyed pouring their own tea (apple juice) out of their own pots into their own little cups. And even when their grandmothers were ready to say farewell, Miss Isabel and Master Reed were draining their pots for every last drop!

                                                 Master Reed and Grammy Sue

                                                    Gramma Cathy and Isabel

I went seeking children - my heart has been aching for the sounds of young voices - and God blessed me with two little ones who were as delighted to come for tea, as I was to host them in my home.

Here's to Cream Tea with friends, and Child's Play - together, they make an ordinary day memorable!

May the memories you have bring you joy, and the day bring many blessings, especially in small ways.

Thanks for stopping by.   SB

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  1. Such a darling teatime Sue! Lovely thankyou flowers, a touch of spring! I gave a child's and mothers tea at the farm years ago. I had so much fun pLanning it. I will show you the pictures someday. Enjoy the warm day today. I am off to see my mom. Happy Valentine's. Day!